SUPA-IT Consulting is an integrated consulting firm helping businesses with their Business & Operating Models and Digital Transformation Journeys. They have a wealth of experience in working with multi-sector organisations and SME businesses to transform their operating model to deliver a better customer experience and business outcomes.

Many businesses have been preparing their operations to a ‘new normal’ with services being provided remotely. The future is uncertain and unknown, however, customer interactions have shifted rapidly to digital channels and their behaviours have changed. During the pandemic, customers have had empathy with organisations for the delays in services they offered. As many organisations return to work, customers will be expecting personalised, timely and cost effective services when they start interacting with businesses. If the businesses haven’t transformed their capabilities and Operating Model, their competitors will capture the market share. The businesses also need to evaluate their current Business Model as to whether they need to innovate or pivot such that their products and services will meet future customer needs.

Shan Pretheshan (Transformation Director) of SUPA-IT Consulting has 25 years of experiences helping businesses build sustainable and resilient Business & Operating Models. He can guide and help your business with:

  1. Building a resilient and sustainable Business Model which can sail through during uncertainty
  2. Delivering a consistent Customer Experience across omni-channel (Marketing to Sales & Services)
  3. Resilient and Sustainable Target Operating Model to improve cost efficiency and employee experience
  4. Business  Model innovation to fuel Revenue Growth
  5. Business Planning to Roadmap Development & Implementation
  6. Organisational Redesign and Programme Management
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