PeruNorth is a boutique tour operator taking the experience of many years living and working in South America – particularly Peru, where the company was originally begun –  and knowledge of the tourism industry to create a niche website providing often unique information and carefully-crafted tours for two connected, emerging destinations: Northern Peru and the Amazon basin.

The attractions are many and varied:

  • Mysterious ancient ruins, such as Kuelap and Chan Chan, built by pre-Spanish peoples.
  • Stunning natural scenery, be it Amazon rainforest, Pacific coast or Andean mountains.
  • Massive biodiversity, reflecting the many different habitats.
  • Unspoiled hospitality and delicious cuisine in a region that is only just being ‘discovered’.

And while people may come to us for our specialist knowledge, we are happy to offer advice and create itineraries for every corner of South America … from the Caribbean coast of Colombia to the icy fjords of Patagonia.

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