Business strategy for a digital world

Having a digital strategy is important. Having a digital strategy that supports your business strategy is an imperative.

We now operate in a digital world.  All organisations need to think through what this means for their strategy and business planning.  Deciding whether and when to make the investments in talent and technology that may be needed can be daunting.

Not all businesses are ready for a Chief Digital Officer. For many a better approach might be to make the digital strategy a shared endeavour across teams including IT, Operations, Marketing, HR – all have a role to play in successful transformation projects.

We’ll help your existing teams develop and own your digital strategy:

  • We help businesses create the conditions for success with digital projects, helping you with early decision making and where you need to prioritise time, budget and talent.
  • We’ll help you to recruit talented people from within your existing team, helping you find emergent skills and enthusiasts who will energise your transformation project.
  • We also develop confident digital skills in your leaders and future leaders through coaching and mentoring.

I started Paul Thomas Digital having spent 10 years leading transformation in a top-tier accountancy firm, and navigating the technological and regulatory challenges of that environment and I want to share my experience with you.

So if you need a new perspective or an alternative point of view on your digital transformation project please get in touch.

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