It is our belief that in any school the students come  first as they only get one chance for a great education. Longdean School is an 11 – 18 mixed comprehensive school in Bennetts End that strives to do this.

The school strap line ‘rejoice in thy youth’ reflects the school ethos that students should be provided with a wide range of opportunities to develop the skills, knowledge and values needed to succeed and have control and choice over the rest of their lives. It also acknowledges that the uniqueness of all members of the Longdean School community should be recognised and celebrated.

Longdean has several unique features to make this happen. Students are placed in mixed age tutor groups, are taught in mixed age classes for some subjects and are taught lessons in emotional intelligence, resilience and problem solving. We also devote 20 minutes of each day to silent reading to improve literacy and knowledge. Our mathematics and computing specialism underpins much of our work.

We moved into our brand new buildings in January 2017 and this has helped us further improve everything that that we do.

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