Leyton is an international consulting firm that echoes what the government believe, that innovation is good for the British economy. Leyton helps businesses leverage financial non-dilutive incentives to accelerate their growth and achieve long lasting performance.


We simplify your access to complex innovation incentives, such as R&D Tax Credits, Energy Reimbursements, Capital Allowances, Patent Box and more.


With compliance always front of mind, we have been delivering optimal services for our clients for over 24 years. This provides peace of mind that you will always receive the maximum benefit, without taking risks. Our combined teams of highly skilled Tax and Technical specialists, enhanced with cutting-edge digital tools developed internally, maximize the financial benefits for any type of businesses.


Headquartered in London, with offices across the country, our dedicated local business managers have work within local business hubs to ensure all corners of the UK are growing at the same pace and being rewarded for undertaking innovative and challenging work.


For a no obligation free of charge consultation, please contact Adam Krise E:akrise@leyton.com  T: 07513710953 who would be happy to meet with you and learn more about your business and how Leyton can help you grow by tackling business challenges together.


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