Go Travel Solutions is a specialist consultancy for sustainable transport, serving employers, public bodies and travel providers.

Go Travel Solutions works in collaboration with leading transport consultants, operators and marketeers to tailor solutions to the requirements of customers. This enables it to deliver travel and transport solutions which provide discounts and benefits, and enhance economic and social well-being through reductions in road traffic and carbon emissions. Go Travel Solutions specialises in employer engagement on sustainable forms of transport using initiatives such as devising and developing travel plans, business engagement, behaviour change programmes, brokering of travel services, partnership development across sectors, sector expertise and the creation of business travel networks. Over 30 years’ combined experience and expertise in travel sectors help employers and staff to maximise their mobility while minimising environmental impact and costs.

SmartGo Maylands is an exciting new staff discount scheme for Hemel Hempstead employers to help encourage the use of sustainable transport, including buses, bikes and trains. It features savings with the likes of London Northwestern Railway, Arriva, Halfords, Railcards and Enterprise. Not only could it help your staff save money, but it could reduce your parking pressures and cut local traffic and emissions. Incentives can be used for work and leisure, so all staff can potentially save! Employer membership starts from just £45+VAT, plus Maylands Business Park employers can save even more! As part of our work to deliver a new sustainable Travel Plan for the Maylands Business Park, we are offering SmartGo Maylands to any business based there at a discount of 67% for the first year with further savings for years 2 and 3! Visit www.smartgo.co.uk/maylands for further information or email info@smartgo.co.uk.

For more information on Go Travel Solutions or SmartGo Maylands, please contact tara.clark@go-travel-solutions.com


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