EMW is a commercial law firm with offices in Gatwick, Milton Keynes and London.

We offer a full portfolio of legal services to entrepreneurs, SMEs, household names, financial institutions and public sector bodies. We work with investment teams, private equity houses and high net worth investors.

We have been instrumental in the creation and development of a new branch of the private equity industry, being the aggregation of high net worth investors into discretionary but managed investments.

In our 26 years we have grown from 4 to 75 lawyers and we are recognised as the leading law firm in the Milton Keynes region. Having achieved rapid growth and merger opportunities, we are able to lean on our personal experiences to enable us to truly understand our clients’ needs.

We put together the right team with the appropriate experience and expertise for each individual client and project. Our strong commercial sense transforms legal challenges into business solutions.

Our success is built entirely on the individuals that form EMW. We seek to recruit, develop and retain outstanding individuals who are passionate about the service they offer to their clients.

To find out more about EMW please visit www.emwllp.com

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