Gary Brown works with business owners to help them develop a clear vision to build a better future for both themselves and their businesses.

Working with you, you will be able to clarify what you want, where you want to go and how to get there and will help you throughout the journey.

All my customers enjoy a personal touch and I listen to what their concerns are in order to find ways to assist them in overcoming the barriers that they have in order to achieve their visions and goals. Many owners find that it is not easy to step back from working in the business and to start working on the business and this is where I can help by being a new set of eyes and ears to you.

You will benefit from a customised hands-on service to help you achieve your goals and ambitions as I work closely with you to succeed.

Strategic planning and implementation:

  • facilitate the review of aspirations and business strategy
  • help identify critical success factors and action plans to achieve next step
  • provide coaching and complimentary support during implementation

Staff engagement and people planning:

  • engaging with staff on the business strategy to get their buy-in
  • help to ensure all staff understand their roles in the new strategy
  • provide support in managing any new organisational change

Sales planning and Performance management:

  • customer profiling, targeting and sales activity planning
  • market analysis and planning
  • “What gets measured gets done” – help identify KPI’s
  • implement management reports aligned with vision

SME businesses that have reached a point where they wish to move to the next level of sustainable growth will benefit with me providing hands-on support in all areas of business.

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