Active Travel Fund Consultation

The Herts Highways team are keen to hear business views in a consultation for road developments as part of the Active Travel Fund developments. About the consultation

They are proposing one scheme in Hemel Hempstead: Boundary Way Roundabout: improvements to provide a pedestrian and cyclist friendly roundabout

The consultation is open until Friday 30 July. Scroll down to find out more and complete the survey.

Boundary Way Roundabout

We are proposing changes to the road layout to provide a ‘Dutch style’ roundabout, reducing the number of lanes on each arm, with dedicated space for cyclists around the entire junction, separated from the carriageway. It would also include widened footways with pedestrian crossings on all arms, and lower speed limits.

New protected cycle route

A new circular cycle route would be installed around the roundabout, separated from the carriageway by a verge and from the footways by low level kerbs, with priority over traffic

New crossings and wider footways

The existing footways would be widened, and zebra crossings would be installed on all arms of the roundabout. Cyclists using the route would give way to pedestrians

One-lane approaches

The road layout would be rearranged to reduce entry lanes down to one lane for traffic on all arms with modelling indicating minimal impact on queuing

Space for HGVs

There would be an overrun area in the centre of the roundabout for longer vehicles to use when on the roundabout


The road would be resurfaced, new road markings painted on, better lighting and new signage installed

Buncefield Lane quietway connectivity

The roundabout would form part of the proposals for the Buncefield Lane quietway, providing a network of less trafficked streets along Buncefield Lane between Green Lane to the south and Nickey Line in the north. It would connect into the recently completed improvements at Breakspear Way to the south.

Bus stop improvements

The eastbound bus stop on Boundary Way would be upgraded and moved slightly closer to the roundabout to allow space for the cycle route to pass behind it

Speed limit reduction

The existing speed limit would be reduced to 20mph on all approaches to, and around, the roundabout

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