Venue Queen -What a difference 15months makes!

There is no doubt the last 18months has been extremely difficult for the majority of our Ambassadors, but for those in the hospitality industry many have seen business put on hold. From adversity often comes opportunity and for Claire Lee and the Venue Queen team it lead to an idea taking route and flourishing, she tells us her story…

What a time we have had in just over a year we have seen our thriving business, helping clients secure venues for a variety of events across the country. To spending March-May cancelling bookings ensuring clients were not left with cancellation clauses-only to see this continue through the 15months, so sad. That will be 15 months with no live events, no face-to-face meetings. No venue finding requirements.

It has however, allowed us time to concentrate on a new business launched in June 2019 (pre covid) A listing site for outdoor event space; it would seem this was timely. But pre covid we discovered over 30,000 people a month were searching for a variety of different outside events.

With the loss of all outdoor (as well as indoor) events last year we have been supporting landowners to diversify and think ‘outside’ the box. How can they make their land work for them? We have residential gardens, farmers fields, campsites/glampsites and venues with outdoor space.

We don’t just list them, we support them too on what they could be doing, how they could be doing it and how it can become a great revenue stream. A new revenue stream that will be on the P&L for years to come, not just during Covid. It should have been there before, too. Imagine Covid being a positive outcome for the way we look at what we do? (Once we have come out of this)

We have been fortunate in the last couple of months, the national press has considered to be a good news story. With news articles in the Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, Virgin radio  and . With another one due out this month-keep watching.

Some of our landowners have already diversified from being farmers to allowing events, to allowing micro glamping/camping (one family per field), to venues looking at their land in new ways, to people allowing others to use their gardens for small gatherings and events. All following Covid guidelines.

Interestingly we ran a poll recently looking at what people want moving forward, makes interesting reading, at the start of the poll Hybrid was winning.

This is good news for Venue Queen and we are starting to see an appetite for live events from June this year, but the enquiries for landowners and suppliers for are really busy with the safest place to be, being outdoors.


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