Filming in Dacorum

The past couple of weeks Dacorum has been a buzz of excitement around the return to the Borough of filming.

Filming has become increasingly popular due to its proximity to London, countryside settings and historic charm and production companies are booking in larger numbers than ever to be here.

Most recently we have seen 2 returning series Afterlife and Ladhood, both have huge and very different audiences and have taken advantage of the fabulous locations and sets Dacorum has to offer.

This has been received very positively both with local residents and local businesses and has helped build the profile and show Dacorum is very much open for businesses and welcome the film industry.


“The council looking forward to welcoming some exciting productions over the coming weeks, months and years will seek to enable this wherever we can.

We are also hoping to encourage further filming into the Dacorum to help to support local skills and locations and are working with partner organisations to make sure that every opportunity can create the best return for the borough”


Our Ambassadors