Hemel  – You are beautiful !

A YouTube star sent an aeroplane with a banner through the skies of Hemel Hempstead last Sunday to tell the town it was ‘beautiful’.

Max Fosh, who has over 360,000 YouTube subscribers, organised a plane to fly through the sky with the banner that read ‘You’re beautiful to me Hemel’ on Sunday, February 21, after reading a story about the town online.

He said: “I saw an article somewhere about how Hemel was named the ugliest town in the UK and I wanted to do something to around that.

“I thought it would make a great video to show the town that it is beautiful. I contacted an ad banner company and created a banner that said ‘You’re Beautiful to me Hemel’ and had it fly in the sky over the town.

“Making YouTube videos is my full time job, so this was all within the Covid guidelines.”

The 25-year-old filmed the content for his YouTube channel and the video – I Told The Ugliest Town

In The UK It Was Beautiful – is now available to watch.

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