The challenges facing employers in 2021

“More than 40% of employees might look to leave for a new challenge in 2021”. One of a few eye-opening results of Think Recruitment’s Employee survey.

Since Covid hit the UK in March 2020 we have entered ever-changing, unchartered territory. When it comes to responding to the pandemic, Employers have had to adapt quickly to the situation and adopt new ways of working, which of course brings new challenges.

Think Specialist Recruitment decided to conduct a survey using a large sample of the local workforce and have now published the results in support of advising local businesses on the true impacts on their Employees.

This white paper provides a comprehensive insight into the challenges currently facing Employers when it comes to the well-being, engagement and retention of their staff in 2021.

Chris Jones, Director, said: “Some of the insights into the well-being and motivation levels of local staff have been very eye-opening. The knock-on effects when it comes to employee motivation, productivity and subsequent retention of staff will be a key challenge facing businesses in 2021.”

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