SmartGo Maylands Update

Here is the latest information from Go Travel Solutions to help support Maylands based businesses with their commuting and business travel.


The SmartGo Maylands sustainable travel project has now been underway for just over a year.  This piece of work is led by a partnership between Dacorum Borough Council, Herts IQ, Hertfordshire County Council and St. Albans City and District Council with Go Travel Solutions commissioned to lead on the project.

2020 was a difficult and challenging year for everyone. However, thanks to the partners and the local business community, particularly the employer steering group which was set up to input into the outcomes of SmartGo Maylands, it has managed to achieve positive results.

SmartGo Maylands Travel and Amenity Guide

The new Travel and Amenity Guide providing information on ways you can travel to and across the Maylands Business Park in a sustainable way, has been produced. This guide also shows what amenities are available in the area and where they can be found. It is a useful tool for those who both work on or are planning to visit Maylands.  The SmartGo Maylands Travel and Amenity Guide can be viewed and downloaded through this link.


The ways in which you can travel across Maylands sustainably have increased through the introduction of a new quietway. The A414 section on Breakspear Way currently serves as a severance to sustainable journey options to the Maylands Business Park from the Leverstock Green area and beyond.

The new quietway will run along Buncefield Lane South linking to a new toucan crossing for cyclists and pedestrians on the A414 between the two petrol filling stations. It then uses the newly-built cycle facilities up to Boundary Way leading to the northern section of the Quietway on the northern section of Buncefield Lane. This will offer a safer and more pleasant journey for those cycling or walking at the Maylands Business Park.

The northern section of the quietway will eventually provide improved links to the Nickey Line – a disused railway route running through the Maylands Business Park and used as a pedestrian and cycle route.

The scheme also includes a reduction in the speed limit on Breakspear Way from 70mph to 50mph. This will complement a series of pedestrian and cycling improvements in the area to increase travel choice, reduce congestion and increase resilience of the transport network. These include the new footway and cycle route along Redbourn Road, a new pedestrian and cycle crossing on Redbourn Road, proposed footway improvements on Three Cherry Trees Lane and planned improvements to Nickey Line access on Eastman Way.


During 2020, Go Travel Solutions ran a number of webinars to support businesses and individuals on travel restrictions as well as with what was quickly becoming ‘the new normal’.  As part of SmartGo Maylands, an online session was run to help employers understand ways to improve working from home effectiveness. In partnership with Maylands-based IT services company, Lumina Technologies, and Hertfordshire HR firm, Ruth George HR Consultancy, organisations enjoyed an informative and dynamic webinar to help make working from home more accessible for their staff.  The full stream can be viewed here.

As part of a project with Hertfordshire County Council, a webinar featuring a number of their staff and members of the Go Travel Solutions team, was hosted to provide guidance on personal travel planning for employees. This incredibly interactive and energetic session is of relevance to anyone travelling across the county. Hertfordshire County Council have kindly allowed the recording to be made available to businesses engaged with the SmartGo Maylands project. To access the webinar, click here.

The work with SmartGo Maylands is continuing throughout 2021 and beyond. Updates on new schemes and latest information will be communicated as it becomes available.


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