Virtual Christmas Parties

We are all having to change the way we work; the ‘new normal’ has set in.  Christmas Parties, team building, motivation and office fun and games has changed.  Keep your team motivated, send a  thank you-for most this has been the toughest year ever!

Looking for something a little different from the usual zoom quiz?  We have teamed up to offer all sorts of amazing virtual events, delivering gift boxes to be opened and enjoyed during the event to ‘how to solve a Rubiks cube’, to a virtual murder mystery, wine tasting, chocolate tasting, escape rooms and many more. Many of these can be tailored to your company/your team!  For gifts to be delivered, if it fits in a box it can be done!!!

The usual Christmas Party continues into the next day, ‘did you see….?’ Well I never!  We can make the fun and laughter continue this year too..

Most people are finding pacing themselves is essential at this time. Everyone is gearing up for Christmas, so many people are doing the ‘Christmas Party’ in January or February to alleviate the January blues.

Best of all, our service is totally free of charge, we will use our contacts to source ideas for your event. Saving you time and money-what’s not to like!

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