Save the Arts – Tring Park School

You can’t switch on the news or social media this week without seeing the constant fight for survival of our creative industries. Now our creative artists are being told to re-train to abandon the arts – what a loss to our society that would be if our talented performers were lost to us. Not only are the arts good for our physical and mental wellbeing – it was a thriving business.

We recently received this fantastic video sent to us by Ambassador Tring Park School  – written and performed by talented head girl of the class of 2020, Florrie Antoniou. Video Link   Florrie was a student on the acting course in sixth form – the words are simple but powerful and should strike a chord in anyone who has even a passing interest in the arts. #SavetheArts

Tring Park has recently welcomed back it students for the new year and are holding a virtual open day on 17 October for anyone wanting to find out more about their Acting Course alongside all of their other vocational and academic studies. Sign up here 

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