Dragon’s Apprentice – Mentors Wanted

Connect Dacorum is planning on running the very successful Dragons Apprentice Challenge next year, but at the moment need to figure out how this is going to look – for schools, the students, the dragons and the charities.  This will be a very exciting year for the challenge as teams will need to think even more creatively about maybe offering some on-line products or services rather than rely on quiz nights and cake sales.

Cindy is now looking for business mentors and charities who would like to take part next academic year.

So what is the challenge? –  Year 12 students from Dacorum secondary schools will be entering teams of up to 8 pupils as the Apprentices.  The teams are challenged to turn £100 into £1000 or more for a Dacorum charity by means of business-related ideas. The team is matched with a business mentor (the Dragon) and also a local charity. The challenge starts at the end of September and culminates in a finals evening in April 2021.  Some schools may enter more than one team.

For businesses:  They are therefore looking for business mentors (the Dragons) from local companies and invite you to put your name, or one of your colleagues names, forward.  If you have a company noticeboard or Intranet I would be grateful if you could add the details.  The Dacorum Challenge is becoming more popular that we are being asked by schools outside the area if they can take part.  We therefore need Dragons also in the St Albans and Harpenden area.

The Dragon’s involvement would be twofold.  Firstly, the cost. You would need to provide £50 towards the initial £100 for the team. The other £50 will come from the charity. There is also a £200 participation fee.

For charities:  Your financial contribution would be to provide £50 towards the initial £100 start up for the team.

For both:  Secondly, and most importantly, your time.  Your representative will need to attend a minimum of five meetings. However, the most successful teams have met on a fortnightly basis from October to February to keep motivation and organisation going, although some of this can be done via emails and WhatsApp.  If you think you could spare the resource and time for the challenge, do register your interest.

Why should you take part?  Participation in the Dragons’ Apprentice Challenge offers a win-win opportunity for all parties involved, creating the opportunity for excellent partnerships between local community groups and charities, businesses and young people, creating a stronger community over the long term. It provides a structured means to promote and encourage engagement between charity/community groups, local businesses and schools. It helps raise the profile of your organisation and the third sector in the area and it is a great development tool for an employee’s continual professional development.

At the moment the launch date is set for Monday 28th September, and Hemel Hempstead School have kindly agreed to host (depending on whether we can get together in a group or whether we will have to do the launch on Zoom.). We also look forward to hosting the awards ceremony for the 2019/20 challenge when the schools get back in September.

Please contact cindy@communityactiondacorum.org.uk to register your interest or to find out more

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