Remote working survival kit

The Indigo Team  have adapted really well to working remotely.  To help them manage in these unusual circumstances, every team member received a Remote Working Survival Kit this week kindly put together by Office Manager, Kerry.

Contents to help with remote working included:

  • Paper clips – to help you hold things together
  • Lego rubbers – just for fun
  • Marbles – to replace any you may recently have lost
  • Mints – because you are just ‘mint’
  • Toothpick – because attitude is everything, so remember to pick a good one
  • Lollipop – for when life just sucks
  • Elastic bands – to help you stay flexible, don’t snap, just bend
  • Cotton wool – for when you just need to hear yourself think
  • Rubber pencils – just a crazy invention
  • Safety pins – for life’s little emergencies
  • Milk hot chocolate spoons – to help stop you going completely stir-crazy
  • Fidget toy – to help you ponder life
  • Magnifying glass – to help you see the bigger picture
  • Buttons – for the time you may need to button your lip
  • Gloves – for when you need an extra pair of hands
  • Sweeties – sugar rush
  • Hot choc – when all else fails, it’s time to put the kettle on
  • Scratch card – we could all do with a little good luck right now!

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