Haines Watts launch a new service to support businesses

“We understand that this current pandemic has led to millions of businesses across the UK in absolute uncertainty of the direction of their business and what’s to happen next. As a national firm with a support network of over 1,000 staff, we will no doubt provide you with the specialist support and advice needed to guide your business through this.

Therefore, to support your business through this, we are launching a new ‘‘Small Business Compliance Service’aimed at helping your business meet its deadlines whilst reducing costs. If your business currently uses Cloud accounting software, we will be offering a compliance-only service to help you submit your accounts and tax quickly and save.

To find out more about our ‘Small Business Compliance Service’ offering, we’ve created a Microsoft Sway which you can view here. https://sway.office.com/zIyCr42keIq5EETm?ref=Link

To speak to one of our specialists about how our new service can help navigate your business through these choppy waters of uncertainty, please fill out our enquiry form here, and one of our team will be in touch.

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