Going Green  – Waste Survey

Back in February HHBA launched the ‘Going Green Forum’ – the group discussed lots of ideas for future projects – all now sadly on hold due to Coronavirus. However, one of the ideas discussed, in order to help Dacorum Borough Council (DBC) in achieving zero carbon by 2030 target, was to explore the opportunity of providing DBC with an additional supply of food waste from local businesses.

Presently DBC only collect residential food waste (300-400 tonnes a month), from food caddies, which is taken to Cupid Green Depot (CGD).

This survey seeks to ascertain how businesses presently dispose of their food waste, and if segregated how much they are being charged, and by whom, for removal.

The idea is that any additional food waste from local businesses, collected using an electric vehicle, is taken to CGD, which when combined with DBC’s collected food waste is used to generate electricity, heat, or bio-fuel for use on site at CGD, and potentially Maylands Business Centre, or even DENS.

We would then investigate with DBC a way to use some of the cost savings on installing a number of electric vehicle charging points around Hemel Hempstead.

We hope you will see this as a positive way of contributing to DBC’s zero carbon target, as well as increasing your companies CSR credentials, and look forward to receiving your completed questionnaire.

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