Dacorum Borough Council – Grant Update and Business Survey

We are in constant contact with the team at Dacorum Borough Council and we received an update from Chief Executive Sally Marshall on grants distributed by the council up to this point:

  • Details of the grant and application process are on the Dacorum Borough Council website.  Letters have been sent to eligible businesses at their business address where they have information.
  • As of this morning, Dacorum Borough Council has paid 1,453 businesses (71%) a total of £19.75m (75% of value).
  • There are around 20% of businesses that are eligible but have not yet responded to our letter.
  • These are a combination of large chains who probably won’t take up the funding and micro businesses for whom the Council have patchy contact details (because they pay no Business Rates Dacorum’s contact with them is limited).
  • In addition to Central Government campaigns, Dacorum have continued with social media campaigns to highlight the grant funding available, and from today the Council’s Revenues Team and the Economic Development Team will be trying to contact them directly.


The Dacorum Borough Council Economic Development team will, from today be contacting over 2,000 businesses in the Borough to engage with you in order to ascertain some of the impacts on your business and use the information to help to develop a recovery plan in cooperation other local and regional partners including the Business Ambassadors.


They will be gathering data in the following areas:

  1. Whether your business is struggling, surviving or indeed thriving and try to identify those  ‘at risk’ businesses
  2. Whether the businesses has been able to access to grants from those surveyed?
  3. Number of businesses fallen through gaps and receiving no grants
  4. Number of jobs furloughed and number lost across board (Potentially  understand type of jobs and skill levels)
  5. Number of businesses that adapted working practices to survive (list some examples and success stories)
  6. Number of businesses that streamlined their processes through this
  7. Number of businesses, especially smaller ones, which have business continuity or recovery plan in place.

Please let Claire know at the HHBA office if you would rather receive this survey by email rather than by phone.

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