LinkedIn  – Top 10 Tips

With many of us facing extended time away from the office over the coming weeks, there will be a greater reliance on technology to help us to keep in touch, with work and with colleagues. This enforced move towards digital based communication, also gives us all an opportunity to think about our digital profiles – how do you and your business appear online and is it a look that you’re happy with? Paul Thomas of Paul Thomas Digital gives us the low down on LinkedIn

As a platform, LinkedIn can be a little overlooked and therefore underinvested in, especially for employees. However, whatever the outcome you would like to achieve, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for network development in businesses both big and small – driving sales, recruitment, marketing, employee engagement – as long as the profiles of you and those you work with show your expertise and knowledge.

Here are 10 tips for profile building on LinkedIn – seven that will take about an hour to complete and three long term habits to develop.

This will take about 45 – 60 minutes:

  1. Make sure you have a recognisable picture of yourself, your profile is public and that your photo is visible to all LinkedIn members.
  2. Your professional headline (the bit below your name) needs to stand out and show personality. “Marketing Sales Director” doesn’t tell your audience anything about what you do, or why. Don’t use acronyms or jargon – it will be meaningless outside of your organisation.
  3. Add an engaging ‘About’ section. This shouldn’t be everything you’re ’selling’ – add more about who you are, what gets you out of bed in the morning – tell people a bit about who they’d be working with if they chose to work with you.
  4. Your current and previous job titles establish your credentials. Add a description for each and bullet point your achievements and projects to show the breadth of your experience. Make sure your job titles and descriptions include the keywords you want to be found with today.
  5. Customising your public profile URL (from your profile page choose ‘Edit public profile and URL’ for example will contribute towards you being found more easily on Google and can make it look snappier on your email signature, proposal documents and business cards.
  6. Connect with as many relevant people as you can, including your colleagues which is often missed. Connect with new acquaintances after meetings when it feels most natural. This way you’re fewer steps away from many of your targets. You never know who somebody else may know!
  7. Improve your home feed by following key companies and clients, relevant industry bodies, interesting influencers and topics, through hashtags.

These are the activities that should become habit – try to do them at least once a week or more:

  1. Use your status update to share something helpful to your network. Sharing valuable links and information reinforces your position as an expert in your field. When posting, tag relevant people, hashtags or companies and think about adding a picture – all help to increase engagement.
  2. Review your notifications page regularly. This page shows how your network and those you follow are interacting with you. It gives you an opportunity to like, share or reply where appropriate. Remember that feeling when somebody likes or comments on your posts? Make sure you are returning the favour for people in your network and supporting their content with a like or a comment.
  3. Keep an eye on who has been looking at your profile. Clients and prospects you have met or are about to meet, will be looking at you online. See every new connection as an opportunity to say hello.

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

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