Good News Story  – Castaway Cottage

We love to share news from our Ambassadors and even more so from our youngest Ambassador, Archie Major of Castaway Cottage:

Two weeks ago Archie was put into isolation for several hours in Watford General for an asthma attack after being transferred from Hemel hospital. He was isolated because the symptoms were very similar to COVID-19. The compassion, care and love he was shown was amazing.

Many of his regular Castaway Cottage clients are on the front line or have family/ friends on the frontline. One, who is a midwife has COVID-19.

He was keen to say thank you for all the work they are doing in the face of adversity.

He launched a giveaway for those living/ working in Hertfordshire. He asked for nominations. 113 unique nominations flooded in ahead of the draw. They were randomly pulled out of the hat. He felt we should do more, so he has given another 20 mini treats away.

He spoke about it on BBC 3 Counties Radio. You can listen here (1hr:45)


You can look at his launch video here


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