Sir Mike Penning MP – Update from Parliament

I welcome the Government’s decision to proceed with HS2.

The Prime Minister is right to proceed with this major investment in a 21st century rail network for the UK. HS2 will unlock the enormous economic potential in the West Midlands and the northern cities.

Locally, HS2 will free up space on our existing rail networks – the line into Euston in particular. It will also free up space for more freight. We need to get freight off the roads and onto rail if we are to meet our vital Net Zero carbon emissions targets.

I also welcome the announcement of more investment in buses and cycle routes. Many people are reluctant to cycle due to the traffic. If we can create a better cycle network I hope it will encourage more people to cycle.

I urge our local authorities to be ambitious in this respect and do everything possible to encourage people to reduce their car journeys by ensuring we have regular and reliable public transport and easier and safer cycle routes.

Locally, I was very happy to attend the reopening of the newly renovated Hemel Hempstead Police Station. The ceremony was conducted by the Lord-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire Robert Voss and attended by Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd, Chief Constable Charlie Hall and the High Sherriff of Hertfordshire Sarah Beazley.

The station is the strategic policing base for Dacorum and houses Dacorum’s intervention, Safer Neighbourhood and Local Crime Unit teams. The £2.5 million renovation has given the 1950s building a new roof and new look.

Inside the heating and electrical systems have all been replaced and there are new offices, public areas and interview rooms.

Hertfordshire police are increasing their numbers to the highest ever in the county. The aim is to have 2,314 officers by the end of March 2023.

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