Grow Your Business Event

Are you looking to get your business in shape in 2020?

With this new decade comes new opportunities for your business, so how about putting ‘grow my business’ at the top of your New Year’s resolutions list?

On Wednesday 29th January, Haines Watts, HR Inspire and Wagada are teaming up to host a ‘Grow Your Business’ Event at The Box Moor Trust Centre in Hemel Hempstead.

This event will provide you with the four pillars of support needed to grow your business, with expert resources all in one place.

The key areas covered will include:
Human Resources – hr inspire

“Growing your business and building an exceptional team”

  • Understand how to deal with and improve behaviour and attitude
  • Identify and avoid the common people management mistakes that place you at risk
  • Discover successful methods that boost staff productivity & and cut absences

Business Processes – Haines Watts

“Growing your business with a small number of highly effective processes, plans and tools”

  • Define a ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ for your business and create a strategy to ensure that your best customers keep coming back
  • Learn how to find new clients who resemble your most valuable clients
  • Find out how to manage your time and resources in the most productive and least stressful way


Marketing – Wagada

“Growing your business through effective marketing activities”

  • How to assess which marketing tactics to focus on – balancing brand building and conversion focused activities
  • Taking your potential customers on the journey to a sale
  • How to measure the success of your website – is your website more of a portfolio than a lead generation tool? How much harder can your website work for you?
  • Using your website to build your brand and generate leads: get more traffic, engage your audience and convert more of the traffic that you get.

 Finance – Haines Watts

“Growing your business by taking control of your finances”

  • Learn how to effectively put in place a sound financial plan for your business to ensure maximum growth through budgeting
  • Identify how to predict future trends in your business along with the correct forecasting technique, additionally looking at sensitivity analysis to protect your business from a changing environment
  • Monitoring and reporting actuals vs targets when tracking results against forecasts, along with looking at variances to establish reasons for differences

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