New Hospital Campaign

At HHBA we don’t just support the interests of local businesses in Dacorum. We are trying to ensure we represent our members and their employees wishes to ensure Dacorum provides everything we need to Live, Work and Do Business.

The biggest issues to face our population is the provision of Hospital services in the area. The New Hospital Campaign is challenging the West Herts Valleys CCG and West Herts Hospitals to try and stop them refurbishing at Watford in preference of a new build on a greenfield site between Hemel, Watford and St Albans.

The decision to plough £350m into Watford was announced recently, without any proper consultation with the public. This has been challenged by the New Hospital Campaign, and the group have been granted a Judicial Review. The Judge agreed that there is not just one, but two cases to answer, so it is full steam ahead for the Judicial Review.

The story moved on last week when Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised an additional £400m to the Trust. This means that it is even closer to the cost of a new build hospital, similar to the new one pledged for Harlow.

This means that for the first time, the group feel there is a real chance of stopping the plans for refurbishing Watford General Hospital and moving ahead with building a new hospital in the middle of the three towns it serves.

However the group need support, the costs for the Judicial Review have been capped at £20,000. After a donation from Sir Mike Penning MP and numerous collections the total raised so far stands at just over £11,000.

Now the group are reaching out to the local business community or support. This affects every one of us, every employee within West Herts, every resident and visitor.

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