Future of Work – 16th October 2019

In this ever-changing world of work, workplaces appear to be changing and evolving at an alarming rate with technology being at the forefront of that change. How about joining Hemel Hempstead Business Ambassador Haines Watts  to discuss leadership and business growth in the emerging future of workers and customers in the 21st Century?

The speakers will be Bryan Wright, Founder and Director at Yellow Yoyo, alongside Rachel Dempers, Founder and Director of Rachel Dempers Ltd.

The pair will be asking all attendees eight key questions that will test if their brand/business model is fit for purpose in this era of the 4th Industrial Revolution when technology and social dynamics are disrupting what we currently consider ‘normal’.

The key issues covered include:

  • Technology futures
  • Social dynamics
  • Collapse of trust

Each of these key issues has its influence on:

  • Work futures
  • Customer futures
  • How businesses/brand models must adapt

This free event provided by Haines Watts , with teas, coffees, and pastries provided.

Date: Wednesday 16th October
9am to 10.30am

Location: Pendley Manor Hotel, Cow Lane, Tring, Hertfordshire, HP23 5QY

Please register your attendance on: http://bit.ly/2HjSBrN

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