Underwoods – Linking Hemel Hempstead to South Africa

On Thursday 18 July we celebrated Nelson Mandela Day, and look to some of the links between Hemel Hempstead and South Africa.

Hemel Hempstead’s very own Paul Boateng, now Lord Paul Boateng, became Brittan’s first black Cabinet Minister and went on to become the British High Commissioner to the Republic of South Africa.

Hemel Hempstead Business Ambassador Underwoods Solicitors have an office in Wellington near Cape Town in South Africa and have, for 25 years now, been promoting cultural and economic links between the two countries.

As well as Underwoods Solicitors being patrons of Cape Town Opera the law firm also supports NORSA, a Norwegian/South African Charity which runs family care programmes, day-care centres, healthcare programmes, adoption schemes and temporary safe care for babies’ programmes and their work is based in the townships of South Africa.

NORSA is a few doors away from Underwoods Solicitors in Wellington in South Africa.

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