Hertfordshire County Council- A414 Corridor Strategy Consultation

Hertfordshire County Council want to know what local people and stakeholders think about the plan and the transport schemes it proposes as part of the A414 Corridor Strategy.

The A414 corridor is a strategic east-west, multi-modal transport corridor extending from Harlow in the east to Hemel Hempstead in the west. In addition, the A405 extending down from St Albans towards Watford, and the A10 from west of Hertford to M25 Junction 25 in Broxbourne also act as important cross-county routes. Other key urban areas include Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City.

The corridor is extremely important in facilitating movements of people by different modes of transport across Hertfordshire. Today, the corridor experiences traffic congestion along sections of the A414 and at key junctions between and within towns. There are also notably very few opportunities for continuous travel by public transport which increases dependency on the car to make journeys along the corridor. There are also limited opportunities for walking and cycling, with poor and discontinuous routes in many areas.

Current levels of traffic congestion will only be exacerbated by the expected large growth in housing, population and employment in the coming years. At least 50,000 new homes and a similar number of new jobs are proposed within the corridor.

Hertfordshire County Council has developed this draft A414 Corridor Strategy to confirm the key current and future growth and transport challenges and identify the proposed set of intervention packages in what is one of the most vital transport corridors spanning the county.

This draft strategy has been developed around a set of eleven objectives:

  • Support sustainable economic growth
  • Improve inter-urban connectivity
  • Define an appropriate route hierarchy
  • Improve operation, resilience and reliability of the transport network
  • Enhance sense of place and town centre viability
  • Enable and facilitate modal shift to active travel
  • Enable and facilitate modal shift to public transport
  • Implement demand management to support efficient use of the network and enable behaviour change
  • Incorporate the benefits of new technology to support efficient use of the network and enable behaviour change
  • Ensure safe and secure travel
  • Deliver better environmental outcomes

The corridor has been divided into fourteen segments which reflect how the corridor is currently used differently along its length, and how it is predicted to be used in the future. Some segments carry more longer distance trips mainly in terms of cars and lorries. Other segments carry more of a mixture of shorter and longer distance trips with cycling, bus and rail also being used.

The draft A414 Corridor Strategy has drawn from existing adopted plans and strategies to develop a list of interventions which seek to address the growth and transport challenges in the corridor which also align with the priorities described in Hertfordshire County Council’s  Local Transport Plan 4 (2018).

Hertfordshire County Council welcome your views on the A414 Corridor consultation, and you can have your say at THIS LINK

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