Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP – Update from Parliament January 2019

This is a very difficult piece to write as it could be well into January by the time you read this, and events will probably have moved on considerably.

In Westminster, Brexit is all-consuming and rightly so with so much at stake for our nation’s future. Almost every day there is something unexpected as the story unfolds and takes on new twists and turns.

As I write the Prime Minister is touring European capitals meeting the leaders of the Netherlands, Germany and the EU to try to get a better deal on the Northern Ireland backstop.

I imagine, you will probably know whether or not she was successful!

My inbox has been receiving more emails than ever before and I am doing my best to answer as quickly as I can. One thing is certain, people on all sides of this debate hold very strong views and I cannot possibly please everybody.

The 2016 referendum result was published on a local authority basis, but the House of Commons Library has published an estimate of the result for each constituency.

The Hemel Hempstead constituency is estimated to have voted 55.5% Leave. As this is also my view, I am determined to make sure we leave the EU on 29 March and also that we achieve the best possible deal or trade agreement that we can.

It is not going to be easy, but I do believe we can do it and that Britain will be better off for it.

What I will add, though, is that it is a great honour to represent this constituency at this important time. I do read the emails sent to me and there are a lot of very valid and interesting points raised – on all sides. I do not take these decisions lightly and I can assure you that I do listen and weigh up the points people make to me.

Finally, I wish you a Happy New Year for 2019 and I hope that whatever the outcome of the events in Westminster, that our great country prospers at home and internationally.

Photo: Asking the PM to get a better deal on the backstop, credit Parliamentlive.tv

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