The Marlowes Shopping Centre Unveils Exciting Plans to Revamp Family Facilities

The Marlowes Shopping Centre in Hemel Hempstead is currently undergoing extensive refurbishments to improve its family facilities as part of their new development plans.

Last year, The Marlowes made a commitment to the local community to provide updated facilities, enhancing Hemel shoppers’ experience. The development, due to open mid-September, includes the enlargement of the downstairs toilets which will feature improved family facilities complete with all the equipment needed to look after younger children and babies, alongside a child’s play and family area. The centre is also proud to be offering improved disabled toilets.

The plans for the new state-of-the-art family are and toilets will make it significantly easier for those with children to manage their time and needs when visiting the retail centre. Not only will there be a new, fresh and exciting design in the toilets which will tie into the area’s surrounding woodland, there will be a play area for children and larger changing areas, training toilets and a safe, private place for mothers to breast feed. This modern development will boast an innovative and creative design which will be a welcome addition to the rest of The Marlowes larger, development plans.

Vince Williams, Centre Manager of The Marlowes said: ‘We are incredibly excited to be able to present these new facilities to the shoppers of Hemel. We understand how important it is for families to feel like they can have a stress-free shopping experience so we wanted to provide the community with a family space for parents and children alongside our usual retail offering. The area will be perfect for when mum or dad needs a rest or when the kids need entertaining.

The new family area is just one part of The Marlowes major development plans that are currently on the horizon. Capital and Regional are planning to inject the centre with new family leisure facilities and restaurants alongside the renovated, community led interior. The Marlowes are also in the process of developing a new 9 screen cinema that gained planning approval in 2017.

The introduction of a 9 screen cinema, a wide range of new family-friendly restaurants, new retailers, and a renovated interior to create a community focal point, are part of the exciting plans. Furthermore, the North Mall entrance will be remodelled, and this will be the primary arrival point for the new leisure offer, as well as a refurbishment of Fareham House’s front canopy.

Similarly, as can be seen by shoppers going in and out of the centre, The Marlowes are having extensive roof works done on several parts of the building due to be completed in late summer to align with centre’s new, modern aesthetic.

There has been a significant amount of investment from Capital & Regional into The Marlowes to help transform it into a family and leisure destination as well as a retail centre. These renovations will leave The Marlowes an even more family friendly community based centre that is better placed to serve its guests and the people of Hemel in many different ways.  Vince Williams has also stated:

The ongoing investments we are receiving are going straight into the wider Hemel community. The Marlowes are in the centre of Hemel, now with our new developments, we are perfectly situated as a family hub for the town.’

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