West Herts College chosen as merger partner for Barnfield College in Luton

Hemel Hempstead Business Ambassador West Herts College and Barnfield College, in Luton, are to merge creating a new combined further education provider in the region.

The decision follows a competitive tendering process led by the FE Commissioner on behalf of Barnfield College, which has been looking for a merger partner to ensure it can expand the teaching and training it offers to local people and employers in Luton.

West Herts College Principal Gill Worgan said:

‘A merger with Barnfield College, in Luton, has many merits. Like Hemel Hempstead it is a major town within the M1 economic corridor. The new merged college can serve both of these communities, focusing on local priorities while providing a coordinated range of professional courses and apprenticeships.

‘West Herts College is delighted to have been chosen as the preferred merger partner. The leadership team look forward to working closely with Barnfield College as we move forward together.’

The formal process of merging will now commence with an anticipated timeline that will see the new combined college launching in spring 2019.

For people in Hemel Hempstead this does not change any of the West Herts College courses currently on offer to them for the 2018-19 academic year, with all programmes and qualifications continuing as advertised.

Running in parallel to the merger with Barnfield College is the continued redevelopment of the West Herts College campus in Hemel Hempstead, where plans are progressing on schedule for Phase 2 of the new campus to open early in 2020.

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