Hertfordshire Mind Network voted new sponsored charity for Hightown HA

Every three years, staff at Business Ambassador Hightown Housing Association vote for a local charity to support through a variety of fundraising activities and initiatives. Both Hightown and Hertfordshire Mind Network work to treat individuals with respect, promoting independence and choice.

Ben Cottingham, Housing Officer at Hightown Housing Association:

“I voted for Hertfordshire Mind Network because I can see the effect that they have on supporting people with mental health issues. In my role as a Housing Officer I often meet people with vulnerabilities including mental health problems, and have developed an understanding of how these problems can make day to day life or sustaining a tenancy difficult. Having seen the positive impact that Mind’s support can have, I’ve come to greatly appreciate the services they provide. Mental health support is something a great number of people struggle to access when they need it most; the thought of being able to help more people get these essential support services decided my vote!”

Hightown currently provides dedicated support for over 150 residents with mental health issues across 12 services in Herts and Bucks. Types of service include supported living, registered care units and community outreach.

David Bogle, Chief Executive of Hightown Housing Association said:

“As a housing association, Hightown provides stable and affordable homes, and support for people suffering from mental health problems. We are aware mental ill health will affect many people within our community and this is why we are pleased to lend our support to the Hertfordshire Mind Network who share our commitment to promoting respect and support for vulnerable people.”

The Hertfordshire Mind Network delivers crucial mental health support in Herts, providing a range of services from seven Wellbeing Centres and other venues across the county. Funded locally, services are available to all residents in Hertfordshire over the age of 18, as well as dedicated services for 16 – 18-year olds.

Clare Rennett, Head of Growth & Development at Herts Mind Network said:

“We are delighted that Hightown Housing Association have chosen Hertfordshire Mind Network as their sponsored charity for the next three years. We are really looking forward to working alongside them and hope that this opportunity will help us to raise awareness of mental ill health and help more people to access the services that they may need within the county.”

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