DBD Distribution Ltd Celebrate 30 years

Hemel Hempstead Business Ambassador DBD are very proud to announce that 2018 is their 30th year of business!

So what do DBD do?

DBD supply 13 out of the top 15 House Builders and Contractors with Appliances and Kitchens. Their service to the building market includes delivery and installation. In fact they install up to 600 appliances each day and can deliver up 160 kitchens per month. The work is being carried out over South Wales and Southern England.

Our History

What started in 1988 in a small back bedroom, moved to Welwyn Garden City, St Albans and to their home in Hemel Hempstead in 2003. The company has now grown to some 170 employees.

In 1991 they became the 1st Distributor to offer an installation service to Housebuilders, since then they have continued to grow. This has meant that recently they had to find a new home for their ever expanding teams. Their HQ Office is located on Boundary Park and they were happy to secure another location just two minutes away. The new facility is now home to DBD’s Operations, Customer Care, Service Coordination, Purchasing and Transport teams, leaving their Sales, Kitchens, IT, Accounts teams at HQ. Being so close and having shared facilities has enabled the teams to keep in touch and have that much needed regular communication and association.

It has taken much determination, time and commitment from all at DBD to create a company that they are all proud of. Though they are not immune to the current climate and the challenges that come along with the Construction industry they are pleased to always face these with a positive outlook and a supportive team behind them. DBD find that by working to their core values – Helpful, Innovative and Ethical- they can overcome any challenge faced. One of our biggest challenges that confronted the company, like many others on Maylands Business Park was the Buncefield explosion in 2005, this resulted in them relocating for a couple of years. However after rebuilding their facilities they were raring to get back home to Hemel to continue and expand their business.

Having started as a family run business amongst friends DBD strive to keep that same mentality while adjusting to the corporate world and think they have done pretty well at maintaining such a spirit. If you would like to arrange to come and have a tour of their facilities then please contact them.

Our Ambassadors