Plans for Fareham House Refurbishment

The owners of the Marlowes – Capital and Regional, are to submit a planning application in May for the refurbishment of Fareham House.

The proposal, designed by Leonard Design Architects, is to modernise the appearance and quality of the Marlowes frontage. The proposals comprise external alterations only, made up of two key elements:

New shopfronts (including refurbishing the existing canopy)

New over-cladding to the residential facade (first and second floor)

Further details of the proposals are illustrated on the following document:

20180521 Public Consultation Document.

Shopfront façade

The existing canopy will be refurbished to create a contemporary look to the Marlowes frontage. New glazed shopfronts will provide greater shopfront heights and increased visibility into each unit. The new shopfronts will also create a high-quality, consistent and clean retail environment that will enhance the appearance of The Marlowes and the wider town centre. New shopfront pier cladding will provide a distinct and prominent framing for the Ground Floor retail units to ensure each individual tenant stands out.

Residential façade

The residential façade will be over-clad to create a unique identity to the Fareham House elevation whilst being a visible connection between The Marlowes main entrances. Through the use of lightweight cladding fixed back to the existing façade, the material seeks to reduce the perceived mass of the upper levels – providing a ‘human scale’ to the frontage, creating a rhythm to break up the façade’s length.

Indicative Timescales for Construction

Pending completion of the planning stage (May – July 2018), the intention is to start preliminary works Mid to late May with constructions works to follow. Further construction programme details will be communicated with tenants and residents as the planning and preliminary works are agreed.

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