Rt Hon Sir Mike Penning MP – Update from Parliament April 2018

Fly-tipping is a scourge on our countryside and we need to do more to tackle it. I am delighted to support the “Lets SCRAP Fly-Tipping” Hertfordshire-wide awareness campaign and I attended a photoshoot in Marlowes.

A common question I get is why can’t there be some kind of community payback. Clearly, if someone is caught fly-tipping then surely it is natural justice that they should be required to clear it all up themselves as punishment.

To test the support for this in Parliament, I tabled an Early Day Motion. The motion reads:

That this House calls on the Secretary of State for Justice to simplify the court process for the prosecution of fly-tippers; and to introduce community payback sentencing for fly-tippers to help address the increase in illegal fly tipping.

An Early Day Motion (or EDM) is technically a motion that will be debated at the earliest day possible. In reality, that never happens and EDMs are used to highlight particular issues or test the waters. I am pleased to say that over 40 MPs signed up which is quite high for an EDM.

I will now push this forward and try to get a debate on the subject.

At the moment fly-tippers tend to get a community service order and have to pay a fine – but I think the sentencing should be specific to the crime.

I’d also like to see vehicles seized and crushed. Any pick-up trucks or vans that are used to dump this stuff should be taken out of the equation altogether. Perpetrators need to know that if they’re caught fly-tipping they are going to lose the wheels and potentially their livelihood.

There have been incidents in the local area where a huge pile of stuff has been dumped in the middle of the road. Sometimes it’s contaminated with chemicals or full of asbestos and council workers have to deal with it. Why should they?

Equally, why should private landowners have to clear up stuff that has been dumped on their land? The minute fly-tippers dump this stuff, it suddenly becomes someone else’s problem.

We need to tackle this from every angle and making fly-tippers clear up their mess would be a good place to start.

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