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Company: Satellite Creative –
Key Industry: Branding & Design
Key Sector: B2B


You’ll be familiar with Adam Hollier Photography and his work, as he takes the pictures at all of the HHBA events. Satellite Creative have been working collaboratively with Adam for a good few years now; when creative projects need photography, they recommend him to their clients.

Conversation over coffees and lunch would often turn to his brand and what direction he might take his business. It’s important for Satellite to know the objectives of a business, to ensure the brand they create can achieve what will be asked of it in the future.

The Challenge

Adam Hollier Photography is Adam, the brand is all about him. He’s personable yet always professional, he works with discretion and a real sense of calm, putting everybody at ease. Satellite wanted to create a high-end logo that would say all of this.

Said Adam, “I originally designed my own logo. I come from a newspaper/design background, so it wasn’t unfamiliar to me. However, I wanted update my logo to represent the change in direction for the business, I wanted a fresh pair of eyes.”

The challenges Satellite Creative faced with Adam were akin to any branding project, especially for a small business owner. It’s all about them, their values and how they want to appear to their clients and future clients. Ultimately, they wanted Adam to go away with a logo that was right for him and, most importantly, for his market.

Some clients are able to articulate this better than others, and likewise, some clients have a better idea of what it is that they want out of their logo. The team at Satellite Creative had the added benefit of knowing Adam well before they embarked on the branding. They treated Adam’s concerns the same as they treat all of their clients (although there may have been extra biscuits) – with patience, professionalism and an empathetic ear.

The Solution

We show a client a few different options for their brand, and showing the exploratory process we embark on can help focus the mind and reinforce the route that we go down for development. Sometimes we hit the jackpot and get it right first time, but a little collaborative evolution is normally inevitable.

Dave Moore, MD at Satellite Creative, said, “Through understanding a client’s issues and concerns, we gain a better understanding of what they need and then can translate this across the design and thus empower them to have the confidence to do something that may previously have been out of their comfort zone.”

Adam said, “As we’d worked together for some time it meant we could eliminate the back story and just talk about where the business was heading and what was the appropriate logo for that.

“We had a look at various fonts, discussed colours – which ones are cheap but impactful and which ones were subtle and high end. I wanted to keep the logo simple, clean and understated. We discussed lower case, upper case, shapes and tints.”

The Result

Adam was keen to explore the pros and cons of removing the cross bar from the letter A but was troubled that it may be confusing to the eye or may even be used in another alphabet. The team toyed with moving it up and down and then also taking it off the H for Hollier…

“Satellite were fantastic at exploring this option and it was also important to me that not only did it look original but also that it looked good!” said Adam.

The final AH monogram that Satellite have created is refined, elegant and in no way contentious. Just like Adam. View Adam’s website and the new logo here.

Adam concluded, “Rebranding is about change and change can be turbulent and unsettling – but not if you use a team as collaborative as Satellite Creative.”

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