West Herts College – National Apprenticeship Week

The 11th National Apprenticeship Week (NAW 2018) will run from 5 to 9 March 2018.

During the week employers and apprentices from across England will come together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose apprenticeships as a pathway to a great career.

The theme for the #NAW2018 is ‘Apprenticeships Work’. Showcasing how apprenticeships work:

  • for individuals
  • for employers
  • for the community
  • for the wider economy

West Herts College offers employers a free recruitment service to match apprentices with local apprenticeship vacancies. They pride themselves on understanding the local economy and sustain this by talking to lots of businesses.

Which is why they are more than happy to talk about training, skills and apprenticeships without any obligation to progress the conversation.

The Apprenticeship High Five

1 You’re not wrong

Employing an apprentice is a significant investment – in your time and energy as much as your money. There’s nothing wrong in wanting to maximise the return on this spend. The smartest businesses look at the long-term rewards to be had in developing a trainee to fit their precise needs.

2 It’s you in the driving seat

No one knows your business like you, so you’ll know what you need when it comes to a new recruit. The only apprenticeship worth investing in is one that wraps around this specification, enhancing the role and the individual within it. When it works the effects are dramatic: boosting your productivity and transforming the life chances of local young person (or someone of any age for that matter).

3 Remember your own L plates?

We all got behind the wheel for the first time once. It’s no different for your apprentice. Which is why a structured development programme is key: from your Day One induction to ongoing training to the specific stepping stones of the apprenticeship. By definition your apprentice will be eager to learn – feed this interest and you’ll have a motivated team player long into the future.

4 Who’s by your side?

Behind every successful apprentice is a partnership between the individual, the employer and the apprenticeship training provider. Which is why you need to think as hard about your provider as you do your new trainee. Pick one that gets it – shares your values and has taken the time to understand your business – and you’ve got a dynamic, winning combination.

5 Productive from the start

We get it. You need any new recruit to contribute from the day they start. You’re realistic about the difference they can make early on but you do need them to pay back your attention and support. And all the more so if your business is small and you’re recruiting to increase capacity. So let’s make this aspect central to the recruitment process. 

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