Grovehill Residents Vote Yes to New Neighbourhood Plan

Grovehill residents have voted in favour of  a new neighbourhood plan that will help determine its future development.

Hundreds of voters headed to the polling booth on Thursday 15 February.

Residents were asked on the ballot paper if Dacorum Borough Council should use the neighbourhood plan for Grovehill Future to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.

The Neighbourhood Plan sets out the potential redevelopment of the estate up until 2030. In the pipeline for five years, the plan puts focus on enabling growth on the estate, utilising underused spaces, plus improvements to Henry Wells Square and blocks of garages.

Plans were submitted to Dacorum Borough Council in March of 2017, and were then reviewed by an independent inspector. After some very minor amendments, a referendum date was finally set.

The results of the referendum were a 77 % yes vote, with 657 out of 852 votes agreeing to adopt the neighbourhood plan, with 194 voting against and one spoiled ballot paper. The turnout was 15.36 % out of the 5,548 eligible voters.

Mike Devlin, Chair of the Grovehill Future Forum steering group which put together the plan, said “Given the subject I was reasonably happy with the turnout, and I am very happy with the positive result that was posted.

“We have put so much effort into this over the years. We will be meeting in the next week to think of some of the smaller things involved with the plan that we could put into action before any major developments.

“This has all been about creating an extra planning document that means our conditions have to be met.”

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