Kings Langley School Career Fair

Business Ambassadors Kings Langley School are hosting a Careers Fair on Wednesday 28 March.

Past Fairs have been an evening events, but this year the school are looking at getting the whole of their Year 10 and Year 12 students to attend prior to them finishing their school day in order to raise their awareness of what options are available. Operating an extensive careers information programme, Kings Langley School still feel that a lot of students don’t fully understand what is out there!

As such Kings Langley School are asking organisations representing Apprenticeships and school leaver programmes as well as volunteering and companies offering these opportunities either for school leavers or graduates, to be join them from 1.30pm in order to set up ready for 2.25pm.  This would mean there would be approx. 250/300 students attending until 3.30pm. Invitations will also be sent to parents/carers of these students asking if they would also like to come along.

Following this the Career Fair would continue in its usual format from 5 until 7.30pm. All students,parents and carers from the remaining school year groups would then be invited to attend.  This would probably amount to at least another 200 plus people attending.

Kings Langley School are asking for your participation, to set up a stand where students, parents and carers can come along and talk to you about what you offer.

For more information and to confirm your involvement please contact

Jan Wright,Kings Langley School

Our Ambassadors