LDSC – HHBA Membership Offer

The London Digital Security Centre, who presented at our HHBA Event at The Forum in March, have a special offer for our Business Ambassadors.


The London Digital Security Centre is a not for profit organisation, founded as a joint venture by the Mayor of London, the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and the City of London Police (CoLP) working in partnership with private industry and academia.

The purpose of the Centre is to help businesses, primarily small / medium business (<249 employees), to be more secure when operating online.

They would like to invite the Hemel Hempstead Business Ambassadors who fall within this remit, to participate in their new membership programme, free of charge, and to receive all of the benefits identified below.

In return those Ambassadors would be invited to participate in focus groups (to be locally held) and develop case studies where relevant.

Membership Scheme

Ambassadors that register as a member of the Centre will benefit through:

  • An assessment of their current security posture in line with Cyber Essentials controls
  • Access to online training for all staff members
  • Receipt of a ‘Security Scorecard’ for each member
  • Provision of a tailored report on how to mitigate identified risks
  • Access to member only masterclasses/workshops
  • Membership is free of charge, and officially launches on 05.06.2017. A subscription membership is due to be launched in September 2017


If you would like to proceed with this initiative, please register by Friday 23 June using this unique registration link:

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